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Deep in the Heart of the St. Croix River Valley lives a band called Croix Daddy.

Croix Daddy is a four member band truly on an upswing. Blazing an alternative path in local clubs, festivals, functions and events, they’re delivering an energetic blend of entertainment. To say Croix Daddy is fun is an understatement. You’re invited to come out and enjoy the experience and the excitement! 

Hear Croix Daddy play at a number of upcoming venues in and around the Valley.

Its music for people who want to go out and visit with one another and the band, have a drink, tap their feet and have a good time. Croix Daddy is there for you.

Delve into the website to find out more about the musicians, where Croix Daddy will be playing and how to contact them. Look into the Gallery for an ever changing collage of Audio, Video and still shoots.
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